The Power in All of "Us"

TRITON is excited to be partners with WEN. Below are the core beliefs for Wisconsin Eschool Network.

Mission Statement:

Providing access to quality digital learning resources and instructional practices while maximizing partner autonomy to meet learner needs.  

Vision Statement:

A digital learning collaborative innovating for excellence.  

Core Beliefs:


We believe there is power in collaborative leadership across organizations, individuals, and communities.

Local Autonomy:

Our defining characteristic as collaborative partners is to honor and respect local control. At times we will respectfully disagree yet honor the ethical goals and objectives of each partner.


Human capital is our greatest asset. Quality instructors and support staff are essential components enabling rich, authentic, personal, and life-long educational opportunities for all Wisconsin learners.

Equitable Access:

We are committed to partnering with organizations who strive to utilize digital resources and quality practices to serve learners equitably.  


Our collaborative efforts are rooted in integrity, innovation, and imagination, valuing diverse global research, practice, and perspectives.


We believe in committed partners who will contribute to the growth and scale of digital learning. Together we will create mutual and enduring value.


We are committed to acquiring, developing, licensing, supporting, and maintaining integrated digital resources.


Our combined efforts enable us to remain agile and scale operationally, financially, and technologically.